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Diamonds Direct vs. Yadav / FourMine (or other stores via RareCarat)

Hello everyone,

I recently went to Diamonds Direct and was quoted an Oval D / VS2 / 1.01 C loose diamond for $ 7K. It seemed like a decent price because they stated about guarantees in price match, middleman cutting, etc.

I recently saw a Forbes article on RareCarat and checked them out. I set some quick settings and I found an oval D / VS1 / weak fluorine / 59% table / 59% depth / 132 LW ratio for around $ 4.8K from Yadav and similar diamonds from FourMine and other retailers. I checked the image they provided and it looked amazing.

Is there a reason why there is such a price difference between the two diamonds? Any warnings against online retailers? Seems to provide a free return within 30 days … seems to be any risk?


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