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Hi guys, looking for help to pull the trigger

Long time redditor and few time posters. I am coming to Reddit for advice on everything so natural I could afford to buy a diamond ring. I know they’re not a good value in the long run … yadda yadda. But I do. Budget is about $ 15,000 total. Looking for an oval cut,> 1.5 carrot middle stone. H color and above. VS1 and above. I suppose these are good qualities, but feel free to point me in the right direction. Nor do I have a glory around the ring. Checked Robbins brothers and was not wowed with the price. I’ve been to Blue Nile and James Allen a ton, but I’m just comparing numbers, and I know there’s more to it than the numbers. Help me narrow down a few choices or suggest another one. I just messed with the filters to get it down to a couple of results, so I’m not attached to any of them, but this is in the ballpark for what I’m looking for. I want a nice diamond and have trouble figuring out what to look for besides the classified numbers. Thank you!

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