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Hi every one,

I’ve been tricking this subreddit for the past few months and have been looking at old popular posts to gather as much info as possible. My gf of 5+ years and I went diamond shopping in Philadelphia this weekend and have already turned up all of our local Harrisburg stores to find what she likes. Here’s what she wants:

1. Timeless & classic look, so no glitter or diamonds on the ring itself
2. Oval diamond
3. 1.5 ct or more
4. Natural diamond or lab-grown (she is open to lab-grown and I don’t care if I get her one she said – she is very handy and we do not plan to resell this nor do we plan to upgrade down the line even if we make big money)
5. 14k gold ring with white gold setting

We found a diamond at a jeweler that my gf loved and even teased, I could go back and get it and she would be super excited. But before I pull the trigger, I want to make sure I do both of us justice by getting the best bang for our buck / making sure I can’t find anything even better.

Specifications for the diamond she liked: 1.7 ct, I, SI1 GIA certified, laser inscribed (the loop was also not very noticeable)

Specifications for the ring / setting she liked: classic ring, 14K gold w / white gold setting

After being “trained” what to look for under a microscope, the inclusions were still barely noticeable, and the guys who helped said the gemologist on staff said it could easily have been classified by VS2, but they don’t dispute 1 color or clarity range. My brother’s best friend is actually the jeweler who helped us in this reputable store and said he could give us an easy discount.

Full setup price: $ 9,668 (family and family discount included)

He said the average. The market price for a diamond of this quality and transparency and GIA certified would probably be $ 10.5K, plus an additional $ 350- $ 500 for ring & setting.

I looked around James Allen, Blue Nile, Brilliant Earth, and ClearOrigin to find something similar, but I think they have very bad inclusions / remarkable aspects that I don’t like and notice (but I don’t know how accurate their 3D rendering is compared to the naked eye).

How does this award sound? Is my brother’s friend BSing me lol and trying to be a good seller? Are there other recommendations for finding loose diamonds?

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