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My goal is to maximize the size and overall appearance of the diamond that I can get with the following features:

Background info: This diamond will be set on a yellow gold ring with platinum setting.

The total budget for the entire ring is $ 10,000 with curl space if needed.

Shape: Oval

Color: G / H

Clarity: VS2 / SI1 (just something that has no deficiencies visible to the naked eye) would with SI2 meeting this criterion

Clip: This is where I fight. How do you “classify” an oval? Isn’t that arbitrary? I know there are specific diagrams for round diamonds. Do these also apply to oval? That said, ~ 1.40 length: width ratio is preferred, but I’m wary of a bowtie because this is a longer type of oval.

Carat: I hope to get something in the ~ 1.5 carat ballpark with the above criteria. I’m fine with the lower if the dimensions make it look bigger.

Here are a few that I found pretty close to my criteria:

Any help / feedback is greatly appreciated!

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