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Custom vs. Kay?


My boyfriend and I have made the ring and I am in love with this [Neil Lane oval double halo ring](Https://–1)

I know Kay doesn’t have a good reputation, and while this setting is not uncommon, I have had difficulty finding settings that look identical / very similar and were not sure what the best course of action should be. Should we

1. Buy this setting at Kay’s, buy the center diamond from a diamond wholesaler and get it set for a local jeweler

2. Go with a local jeweler to get a ring tailored to look almost identical to Kays (and depending on the jeweler, either buy the center diamond there and get it set or do it elsewhere)

I really like Kay’s attitude because the center stone is 0.5 carats (I have rather small hands, so a double glory with a middle stone larger than this would look massively disproportionate), the band itself feels thinner than other bands that I have tried on the diamonds on the sides, and the center stone are not raised too high compared to some other rings I have tried (and of course I love the look of double glory around the oval stone).

I’m located in NYC, as far as local jewelers go, I know there are plenty of options. If going to custom is the better course of action, is it acceptable to consult with multiple jewelers / locations to make the custom design and go with the cheapest / favorite, or is it wrinkled somehow?


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