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Help sell a previous engagement ring

Sorry for this, I know there are a lot of these posts, but I wonder if my situation is unique enough to justify one separately.

Long story short, got engaged a few years back but broke down. Frankly, wouldn’t consider the ring at all when it first happened, but now I’m ready to get rid of the thing as I’m in the market to buy another engagement ring. I know I’m getting some comments here that tell me I just need to get the diamond rebranded. I don’t want to do that at all and would rather have a completely different diamond, as silly as it may sound. I don’t mind losing a few thousand dollars to completely separate myself with a particularly negative period in my life.

The diamond costs just over $ 10,000 and is extremely good quality, and I have all the original GIA papers.

As I am in the market for a new engagement ring, I figured that my best opportunity to get that much value back would be to go to a jeweler and “trade it” so to speak and get credit for a more expensive ring.

I wondered if anyone could possibly shed some light on how much is a reasonable offer of credit that I could receive. I don’t want to be low-ball. I got a cash offer for $ 6500 from the site I bought it from. Now, I’m not relying on anything other than my own gut feeling for what’s fair, but is it crazy for me to expect to get at least $ 8,000 to $ 9,000 in credit for the diamond? I reckon that when a jeweler gets my diamond, he can easily flip it for $ 10,000 plus and wouldn’t mind giving me a little more credit as I want to buy a more expensive ring.

Can any of the diamond experts out there give me the benefit of your expertise / experience?

In advance thank you!!

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