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How ripped off I get it if I do. PLS Help me with your opinion

I am planning to buy a custom diamond necklace for the first time. I chose Kay Jewelers just because it is the closest jewelry store near me in Indiana.
So far we have worked up that I have to pay (diamond cost alone) $ 1806 for a round cut, GSI certified, 50 points, SI2, F in color. First of all, was this alone a rip off?

Second, the pendant that I chose costs $ 2,142 on my own, and it is 10k white gold (want 14k so I have to change this, I was unaware until today). And of course, if I change it to 14,000, the price will rise.

This is the first piece of im purchase that is not just off the shelf for my GF on a special date and I have really bad apprehension that they are trying to rip me off and be that I am 20 and they know that it’s one of my first buys, i think they try to highball me, but when i question the price the sales rep will have me think i’ll get a BIG deal, even if i’m clearly not determined.
Just kindly want to take some of your opinions that may be more into this than I am, I am only a dreamer but I know a lot more than the average Joe because I do a lot of research. I told them I don’t really want GSI, but they don’t have much options there, and want me to come in tomorrow to look at “this beautiful diamond” myself to rate it. I have never looked at a diamond under a microscope or anything, but I know the basics and which inclusions are “the worst”. I think I can just go in and cancel and try to get my payout back. What do you think?

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