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I rotate my wheels, need some help

Hi every one,

I have been preparing to propose my GF for a few months now and have been looking at engagement rings from all online vendors. Blue Nile, James Allen, Four Mine, Brilliant Earth, what have you. My brother-in-law and his brother both went through James Allen, so I’ve gotten to the point where I look almost exclusively at them because of the good reviews from my family and because if I spread out to more sites (like me have for 3 months) I’m starting to get way to decide / second guess everything and it doesn’t help.

Unfortunately, I just missed a diamond that I probably should have bought on Saturday ([I/1.06 ct/ideal/VS1]( – I thought the inclusions were negligible considering of their location) but delayed it because I was too busy not wanting to buy it from my phone while out and about. Not sure if FOMO kicks in or not, though [this ]( is available and I think about to pull the trigger. Although a very good cut, it falls within the overlapping GIA and AGS areas of the cutter estimator on the Diamond Screener.

My budget, all with the setting is about $ 6,500 (the setting is $[799]( with a promo code) but it would be good to keep it under that. The diamond I missed was $ 5,100. I would suggest in October so I still have time to get the ring if I pass on this diamond. I just don’t want to keep kicking it down the road and missing out on something that I should have bought and locked away for a few weeks. I know it’s not going to be visible, but I’ve already lost 0.68 of a carat (which I know is not directly related to the look of size) and the ideal cut because I didn’t pull the trigger once.

Thank you for your help!

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