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Ada Diamonds – IGI & Lab Created

There was a recent AMA for Ada Diamonds and lab set up. I’ve already talked to my boyfriend and she doesn’t mind that a lab created diamond, she just wants a big cut on her finger so I think my minimum is 2ct +. Of course, I want to skimp on color and clarity as much as possible to get a better deal, but also have something that is not overtly flawed or yellow in passing. My budget would ideally be under 20,000.

My questions are:

Has anyone heard of Ada?

What are your thoughts on laboratory-created diamonds. My GF is ok that it is “not created from the ground”

These are IGI diamonds. I have read conflicting reports on IGI vs GIA, with most people saying that IGI is less strict, while some have made comparison and IGI / GIA has correlated relatively well with the same set of diamonds. Also – these prices seem fair, but I’m far from knowledgeable.

Thanks for your input!

OPTION 1: [2.0ct F VS2 Ideal Round $14.250 USD](Http://

[HD Video](Https://

[Video on Hand](Https://

OPTION 2: [2.35ct F VS2 Ideal Round $17,300 USD](Http://

[HD Video ](Https://

[Video on Hand](Https://

OPTION 3: [2.53ct F VS2 Excellent Round $19,350 USD](Http://

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