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CVD, F-Color, VS1, 1.99ct = $ 2850

[Chinese Supplier Quote](Https://

** The title bar should read $ 2850 / ct = $ 5671 for the 1.99ct stone. **

I recently contacted a supplier in China and received the above quote which I converted to a picture.

It is worth noting to me that India has regularly imported Chinese CVD & HPHT diamond rough and cut it in Surat. So far most CVD & HPHT diamonds coming out of India were actually manufactured in China.

[2016 GIA explores large Chinese HPHT diamond rough](Https://

For those of you who may not be aware, you need at least a 6 carat rough diamond to make a 2 carat finished bead. Large rough crystals will have an average yield of 25%, while smaller crystals can yield up to 30-40% depending on their shape.

It seems Russia and China are cooperating technologically. China’s capabilities are growing rapidly and will certainly outperform other countries and be able to supply synthetic diamonds at affordable prices.

Russia is a quantum leap in HPHT-growing technology and manufacturing [this monster]( in just 13 days.

Those of you who have seen deals on CVD diamonds that are only 20-30% less than natural diamond overpay.

These prices will only get lower with each passing year. So those of you who may have concerns that your diamond has no value, I wouldn’t worry about it. You stand to lose significantly more money by buying a natural diamond than a synthetic one.

Do you want proof?

Let’s use sproutworkshop’s Diamondscreener to compare.

[Natural, F-Color, VS1, 1.9ct = $25,000](Https://

You lose a hellava lot more than $ 5671 by buying a natural diamond. The moment you buy it, it loses at least HALF of its fair value.

So don’t let natural diamond sellers fool you, you only make their pockets with huge profits. Your natural diamond is not worth anything near what you pay for it. So save a fortune and buy a synthetic diamond instead.

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