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Hi Reddit,

I’ve traveled in the big google seas for reviews of online diamond traders – Brilliant Earth, James Allen, MiaDonna, Blue Nile, etc. ad nauseam. Between reviews on their website, yelp, BBB, and here on Reddit, there are definitely people who have felt strongly for and appealed to buy an engagement ring online.

I am in the market and I want to play the engagement ring to get the love of my life for a better quality for less to maximize bang for my buck.

Among my internet travels, I found a site that sells laboratory-made diamonds –

Does anyone on Reddit have any experience with them? Their prices seem very competitive compared to what I have seen at Blue Nile, brilliant earth, etc., and theirs seems to be (less) reviewing horror stories on review sites. Customer service is also important beyond call quality.

I just can’t find any dialogue on the site here on Reddit, so I figured I’d start it. Have any experience with

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