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SI1 I vs SI2 D, 3 carats

I looked at stones for the last 2 weeks, I found a nice 3.01. It’s SI1, but for me the eye was clean, I’m uploading a link to a video that was taken.


My girl was looking for a big stone, what I liked about this was the dimensions, 11.34 x 8.29 x 4.48 mm. There are very few diamonds in this size. My problem is that I have color problems, I’m pretty color blind, I’m not sure what I color looks like for others. My friend who knows gems said this seemed better than an I. Here’s the link to the certificate:


While browsing other stores I now found a SI2 stone that is in color D. Now the dimensions of this stone are 11.06 x 7.86 x 5.04 mm, so even though it is the same weight, it will appear smaller . That said, the color is so much better and the table is completely free of inclusions, it is a really clean stone. Here is the link to the certificate for the second stone:


Finally, I have tried to determine the depth and table targets I should aim for, according to several sites, the other stone has a depth & # 37; it is substantially closer to the ideal, in fact it is ideal, while the first is seriously low at 54 & # 37; Should this be a factor?


There are prices within 3 & # 37; of each other, should I hold out for a stone with a depth between both of these, measuring larger with the image face down? Frankly, I can’t believe I can go from GIA I to GIA D and drop just a single degree of clarity.

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