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Black is one of the most dominant colors when it comes to a person’s choice, which color they want a particular item or product to be. Black predominating everything, this dominance and preference of black over other colors can be seen when the area of ​​the jewelry industry. The industry, which is selling gold, silver, platinum and diamonds, now sees ** black diamonds ** gaining more spotlight and popularity.

The purchase of ** black diamonds ** compared to other types of diamonds and highly compressed carbonate-shaped stones has seen an upcoming rise. This increase in sales may be due to the reason why people find black diamonds more elegant and classic.

These black diamonds are now becoming popular with teenagers and adolescents as these black diamond beads tend to seem very simple, yet unusual. Black diamonds also strive to become more popular in non-conventional engagement rings and other jewels.

These black diamond beads are used to make gorgeous engagement rings as they are mainly paired with a silver / platinum body to give the best look. This design is in itself an eye-candy for buyers and loved by many. The contrast from black diamonds is just extraordinary as even a small amount of its presence tends to make the most of any piece of jewelry.

This non-conventional jewel has had many erroneous representations that people were wrongly informed about. People were kept in the dark and many thought these black diamonds were not real diamonds and that they were just shiny stones. The originality, the way of making, the durability of these beads was questioned. So we are here to clarify and provide you with authentic information that can help you if you are planning to buy black diamonds.

** Are black diamonds real? **

The first question that many people go around asking is whether black diamonds are real or not? Well, the answer to that is definitely yes, black diamonds are real!

But it should be noted that there are many types of black diamonds:

* Naturally occurring black diamonds
* Man-made black diamonds
* Treated black diamonds

There is a lot of difference between these types of black diamonds, but the biggest difference that arises is the difference in a price range. Some black diamonds have alarmingly high rates compared to another type of black diamonds.

The difference in price range arises because of the difference in quality, durability, production cost and many other factors.


This may sound like a very basic question, but if you go around asking people “What are black diamonds?” you will find a variety of answers.

** Black diamonds ** are referred to as coal or coal, as they are also expensive and very cost effective. So the term ‘black diamond’ is used as an informal term for a charcoal.

Secondly, the black diamonds we are talking about are a dark opaque form of diamonds. The natural forms of these diamonds are known as ‘carbonados’ and these are called the hardest form of diamonds. It is only after these diamonds are processed that they shine and give the dense black color. These diamonds are porous in nature and are not so easy to cut.

Black diamonds are not as rare as ‘pink diamonds’ or ‘yellow diamonds’, but they are not as abundant either. These colored diamonds get their color due to the presence of impurities in their composition. So black diamonds are diamonds that have such a high level of impurity that is spread out over the stone in such a high way that they simply appear black.


So there are basically three varieties of black diamonds and three different price ranges. As we have already mentioned above, the natural form of black diamonds is called carbonados and is randomly known as smart black diamonds. The most preferred and sought after diamonds are the man-made black diamonds, which are also the most expensive.

To help you understand better, we’ve provided details below of the type below:


The origin of these naturally occurring black diamonds is still being questioned and has not been fully clarified until now. But it is known to be an impure form of polycrystalline diamond with a large amount of impurities.

While other natural color diamonds get their color due to impurities added during the manufacturing process (the addition of boron leads to the formation of blue diamonds), natural black diamonds are regular colorless white diamonds with large amounts of impurity present in them.

These natural black diamonds are found in countries such as Brazil and the Central African Republic.


There are regular white diamonds (or transparent diamonds or colorless diamonds, whichever you prefer) that have a large amount of inclusions present in them. These diamonds are at low prices and are not used for making jewelry or other exquisite products. Rather, these diamonds are approved and preferred to be used as industry-based diamonds.

So, to produce black diamonds, we treat these industrial-based diamonds using heat and radiation. This treatment gives the ordinary white diamonds a black color look, which in turn produces black diamonds.

The treatment is carried out in such a way that the diamond gets a very dark green color that looks black to the eye.

These treated black diamonds are commonly referred to as ‘colorless treated black diamonds’ or ‘black colored diamonds’. Since these black diamonds are formed by processing low priced diamonds, these ‘processed black diamonds’ are one of the cheapest types of black diamonds available on the market.


This is one of the most expensive types of diamonds on the market. These diamonds are also known as synthetic black diamonds or laboratory waxed black diamonds. These man-made diamonds are made by high-tech companies and are synthetic diamonds. These diamonds have the same appearance as a black diamond, but since they are synthetically produced, these tend to be more expensive.

Another part of this type is known as ‘stimulating black diamond’ which looks something like ordinary black diamonds.

Many people believe that synthetic black diamonds are not very economical or profitable.


The answer to this question depends on what you are asking for. Because given the fact that black diamonds are pearls, they tend to be expensive compared to ordinary everyday products.

But to answer your question, it is a yes and no.

Let’s see how this is possible if you take into account the price of processed black diamonds, they are cheaper than natural black diamonds. If you go online now and look for the price of a processed black diamond, you can see that it will be something like $ 100- $ 200 per Karat. This is just the price of the black diamond pearl, if you put it in a ring or pair it with other jewelry you can get a higher price.

Naturally occurring diamonds are expensive, this may be due to the fact that they are polished, cut and processed to an extent to give the best possible diamond shape. Apart from that, since naturally occurring black diamonds are porous, it is necessary to process it with precession to ensure that the final product is smooth, properly cut and not porous.

The price of a naturally occurring diamond can range from $ 2500 to $ 3000 per item. Carat, and it can cost even more to add it to jewelry.

Still with such high prices if you compare the rate per Carat for a natural black diamond and a plain colorless white diamond, the colorless white diamond will prove to be more expensive.


That’s all, we hope you found that all this information was useful and useful for you to buy black diamonds. Some things to take care of while buying black diamonds is to make sure the quality is not compromised due to its large size. Be sure to check the smoothness and cutout of the black diamond while you buy, because if there is even a bit of irregularity, it will be easily visible and the black diamond will not give the graceful look you want. Lastly, make sure that when you buy such products as jewels or black diamonds, that you check their originality and not be confused or tricked into buying something else.

If you were to ask for recommendations on the type of black diamonds you should buy, we would say it depends on your budget. If you have a low budget and want to get the best possible, we say, go for jewelry made of ‘processed black diamond’ as these are cheap, readily available. But if you want to spend a good amount of money and want the best quality black diamond or need it for a big occasion as a commitment, we recommend you go ahead and buy jewelry that includes’ ** natural black diamonds * * ‘.

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