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Close to buying a property ring. It’s 1.5 carats, but included in I1, and the cut is just “good”. I really hope for another opinion before committing to it.

The specifications are below. It looked really nice, but this is my first time ever looking at a diamond. I asked to look at some other side by side and it still looked pretty good. I was worried about the cut as / u / diamonddealer says it’s the most important thing and this cut is just “good”. Additionally, I1 is included, so that worried me. But it works great for an I1. The dealer also showed me another I1 and you could visibly see black specs in it, while with this property stone I personally could not see any imperfections. But it’s probably just because I’m bad at this. She pointed out the removal to me on the side of the stone, but I couldn’t notice it. The cost is $ 9500 before tax. She said it would be $ 11700 for a new ring with the same specifications.

The ring (frame with exposed side is what she wants):

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* Carat: 1.55
* Color: I
* Clarity: I1
* Polish: Very good (scale from poor to excellent)
* Clip: Good (scale from bad to good)
* Metal: Platinum

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