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Hi every one,

I’m new to reddit and diamond hunting. This subreddit has been invaluable! I’ve learned so much! Thank you, everybody!

I will find a diamond for a six-form solitaire setting that is between 2.5-3ct for about $ 20,000 +/- 5,000. I have been looking for G-J color, VS1-S1 and ideally excellent cut. I have learned that fluorescence is more nuanced and based on color.

I found a stone that is 2.77, J, VVS2, excellent clip, very good polishing and excellent symmetry, medium blue fluorescence for $ 20,700. I plugged it into the price scope HCA calculator and got 2.4. From my week’s time or so, it looks like a good find? Am I missing something? This would be for a solitaire.

I have mainly used Rare Carat and Blue Diamond (haha meant Nile). We are also open to cargo or vintage pieces, but haven’t really found anything on idonowidont and need this string that seems to be a better deal than the loose diamonds. Ebay seems too scary …

Thanks everyone again for the input! 🙂

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