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How common and acceptable for a stone in an environment to be a little crooked?

I looked at a friendship ring in a low profile setting with 4 profiles, and I noticed that from one of the side views, the round stone sat slightly crooked in its bumps.
Now I might be OCD, but I never want some of my stones to be completely straight. But maybe I’m too nitpicky, and stones are a little crooked everywhere, and I would never notice without looking at the ring up close.

When it comes to all people in the world wearing jewelry, how common is stone to be crooked? Do they stay tuned that way, or is it a random result when they need to be sized, or does stone work to get crooked in the teeth over time with wear and tear? Now I want to be more OCD than ever with how straight my stones are. Ugh! How much does it cost to reset one that is crooked?

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