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Oval diamond best value? JA / Blue Nile vs. Rare Carat

So my bf and I bought this oval diamond from Blue Nile for $ 6600

Karat: 1.13
Cut  Very good
Color  D
Clarity  VS2
Length / width ratio  1.42
Depth%  62.1%
Table%  59.0%
Polish  Excellent
Symmetry  Excellent
Girdle  Slightly thick to thick
Culet  None
Fluorescence  Medium
Dimensions 8.36 x 5.87 x 3.64 mm

It looks amazing, but do I get good value with this diamond?

Recently, my friend printed this diamond from Four Mine, which she got from Rare Carat

Carat 1.08
CUT Excellent
POLISH Excellent
SYMMETRY Excellent
MEASUREMENT: 8.61X5.78X3.42mm

For a little under $ 4.00, this four mine looks too good to be true, and I wonder if I should just go ahead and rely on Rare Carat to begin with instead of the usual trusted JA / Blue Nile?

I am looking for an Oval 1.2 carat, high color (F or above), ok with S1 as long as it is eye cleansing, low fluorescence and more importantly length is at least 8.3mm.

Lately, we see that the results from Rare Carat have been cheaper than JA / Blue Nile. I know Rare Carat is just an aggregator, but when comparing the specifications and showing the video, good value diamonds (and good looks) are always cheaper. But considering this is new, I’m not sure if I should go ahead and buy one of Fire Mine / Yadav.

Thanks for all your advice!

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