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Hi guys, a fourth college student here in South Korea.

I don’t have much, but I managed enough money to buy my wife a diamond ring for our September wedding. These sleepless nights for full time scholarships and writing papers to earn some extra bucks are done :).

I have come across two diamonds today that were offered to me by some Korean dealers. They use the woojin system instead of the gia system, but it goes well with it, as it is the most reliable system in Korea (not abroad by any means).

Here are the possibilities
1) 0.51c, e, si1, 3e for $ 1,200 (included: springy)

2) 0.51c, e, vvs1, vg (the rest is excellent) for $ 1,350
(Inclusions: concise – can’t be seen in the report so it’s practically flawless)

3) 0.71, g, si2, excellent cut (the rest is vg) for $ 1,350 (included: cloudy, feather, extra facet)

I hope to get a different opinion from you guys as I am stupid in the diamond 🙁

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