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Realistic expectations?

First time buying and I wonder if my expectations are realistic. I’ve researched Blue Nile, James Allen and Rare Carat, and I’ve found a good number of diamonds that fit my parameters and budget (~ $ 10k), but I can’t see if they are actually nice diamonds from photos / videos . I plan to buy from a local independent jeweler that my family has worked with for generations, so I hope we get a good deal! I have already chosen the setting, which is a petite runway of white gold.

Form: Emerald

Carat: 1.7-2

Clip: Very good-ideal (does not want to leak)

Color: GJ (preferably yellow, but from what I’ve seen in videos, I don’t think I would mind brown or gray as they seem to have their own charm; curious to know what you all are seem)

Clarity: VS1 or VS2 (preferably no inclusions on the table, but as long as it’s clear, I’m not super picky)

Table%: 63-70%

Depth%: 60-70%

L / W ratio: 1.35-1.5 (I prefer thin / longer)

Girdle: Very thin

Thanks everyone for your help!

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