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Should I sacrifice color, clarity or cut to get into the budget?

I’m looking to choose the diamond for a ring with a budget of around 15k (just the diamond). I think I will do 2 carats, but am having trouble deciding where to sacrifice between color clarity and clips to get into the budget. For example, I found [2 carat, color H, clarity VS2, with excellent cut for roughly 15k]( but maybe I should do a better color with less clarity ? Better clips with less color? Etc … neither her nor I are jewelers, but I want this to be fantastic for her and I think the biggest thing for me, after it is 2 carats, is that it has it extremely sparkly look (excuse my ignorance if there is a technical term for this. James Allen seems to define this as fiery and brilliant) and it seems that it comes from having the best clip, so I think maybe cut up and go down to clarity and / or color? Thoughts?

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