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The process of setting a loose diamond?

Hi, I have a few questions for the process of setting a loose diamond.

Context: I just bought a loose diamond online (1.15ct ) for an engagement ring, and there are a few things I want to clarify:

1. Was this a good deal? $ 5,600 for this: [](Https://
2. The diamond is GIA certified as advertised on the site and comes with the certificate. Do I need to get another opinion to ensure authenticity?
3. I have read that it is a bad idea to bring a loose diamond and setting to a local jeweler and ask for them just to put the stone in place as it is likely that the jeweler does not or charges quite a prize for this. Is it true?
4. If the above is a bad idea, is the process of working with a local jeweler to create a setting? I already know I want a halo setting with sidestones, but I wonder if it’s a costly ask for a local jeweler (budget is around $ 1.2k ).

Thanks to everyone who answers in advance. I am quite a beginner and would appreciate any advice.

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