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2 questions about laser inscription for the experts here

Hopefully I had 2 quick questions about GIA laser inscriptions.
The first is some tips for the process of submitting a custom “logo” to an inscription. I have to talk to my jewels tomorrow night about it before sending my diamond to GIA to get the dossier upgraded to a full report.
Second, obviously one day in the distant future, this diamond will be passed on to my children or sold as part of a property or I will decide to upgrade or otherwise no longer have it in my possession. when that happens, I hope the laser inscription can be removed as it will be a very customized message no one else would be interested in. go here and it costs around this much “or what types of dangers inherit from removing the inscription. What is the odds of serious harm and such?
It’s weird that everything I find on the subject says it’s easy to have removed, but I can’t find a single place on the internet that actually does the job.

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