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CVD Diamonds with GIA Natural Diamond Certificates

[Feb 2016 – Catastrophic Reputational Consequences for GIA](Http://

* Some of the CVD diamonds, when sent to laboratories, are passed as natural diamonds and therefore they can be delivered with GIA natural diamond certificates. *

Do you still think it is a better choice to buy a natural diamond? You may want to consider that decision again. You might actually buy a CVD diamond and don’t know!

* We thought it must have been a mistake. But what if there are thousands or tens of thousands of synthetic diamonds on the market that are inscribed with GIA certificate numbers similar to real GIA reports on natural diamonds? This scenario would not only be the “beginning to end” of confidence in both diamonds and diamond dealers, but also disastrous for the GIA and its reputation. Not a single diamond retailer or consumer who holds a numbered natural GIA certificate and a laser-inscribed diamond will ever suspect that his or her diamond may be synthetic. At least not until now. *

So don’t be fooled by natural diamond dealers, CVD and HPHT diamonds are real diamonds and they are here to stay! They are already taking over the global markets and the wealthy elite have a coronary!

When the vast majority of people are aware that they can buy a Real diamond for the 1/5 to 1 / 10th price of a landmine diamond, the choice will be quite obvious and the financially conscious buyer will choose the cheapest option without giving up any quality. In each case you can get a much better diamond for a lot less $$.

Although the ITC offers shown in the article above are clearly fraudulent, it should make everyone sit up and take notice.

How reliable is your diamond certification?

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