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Purchase without a certificate

Okay, I’ve been giving my friend advice on diamonds / engagement rings. He doesn’t know much about diamonds and I know a bit (plus I’m a girl, so apparently it’s useful to him). He looks at a 1.23 ct round diamond, F color and SI2 clarity, the carving is apparently patented and specific to the jeweler (96 facets, which I think means they can sell a lesser quality diamond to a higher cost because the incision hides inclusions). I also think he pays too much for it, but that’s a different story. Anyway, this diamond comes without any kind of certification; Do you find it wise to buy a diamond without any certification? And can he ever decide to send it away for a later date? All my jewelry comes with paperwork, and the jewelers I go to always have GIA-certified diamonds, so I guess it just seems weird to me that this one has none.

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