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Question about diamond from a specific site.

So I look at [this]( specific ring and I would like a clarification on the conditions of the diamond.
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1. For the headstone, say “Genuine Natural Diamond – Conflict Free”. But on the extra stones it says “100% natural diamonds”. Is there a difference between these two?

2. For the capstone stands the clarity “SI1 (Clarity Enhanced)”. From my understanding, a diamond can either be natural or enhanced (processed), but not both. But in that type it says “Natural” which confuses me. Is it possible to have both of these designations applied to a diamond?

3. The certificate that comes with the diamond is “AJC (Ayala Jewelry Certificate)”. It seems that the diamond is classified according to its own specifications rather than a popular laboratory like GIA. Is it possible that they could give their diamonds a MUCH better rating than what is considered by other popular laboratories such as GIA, HRD, AGS, etc.?

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