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Any help in narrowing these diamonds would be great!

I am looking to buy a diamond ring and the budget for the diamond itself is ~ 10K. I walked around the big stores, but have yet to visit smaller independent stores, which I will probably do this weekend. In the meantime, I found a few diamonds on Bluenile and would like some input as to why I should (or should not) have any of them narrow it down a bit.

Her primary stuff is big, but I’ve been trying to convince her that I shouldn’t get a big, but highly flawed diamond. I shoot at 1.5 carats, but with a limit of 10 km it seems that a few victims have to be sacrificed.

First [This diamond]( is 1.5 carats and looks pretty good with a few exceptions. It has a light feather (or whatever the term is) towards the top and it is “G” in color. I’ve been looking at diamonds in the store and I don’t want to tell you that a “G” diamond looks different from a D to F. Is this something that some people are able to see, I should avoid near colorless? Would that flaw near the top be visible to the naked eye? Many of the larger diamonds in this price range have visible black spots, which I feel are easier to see than the errors of this diamond. It also has weak fluorescence, but I suppose no one fainting would be acceptable.

2nd [This diamond]( seems almost perfect in every way except size. That’s 1.31 carats, so a little less than she might want. I do not see any major deficiencies and all its properties appear to be within the desirable range.

Third [This diamond]( is between the two in size of 1.41 carats, which would be fine with me. It has a few flocks that are visible under magnification, but I doubt you could see anything by the eye. It also has weak fluorescence.

3.4. [This diamond]( and [this diamond]( looks pretty similar and doesn’t have any major drawbacks as far as I can tell.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, please !!

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