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Best place to buy a Canadian diamond and other recommendations

Start: I don’t know as much about it as I should.

My boyfriend and I have narrowed down a style / setting / band type she likes by looking at rings in some stores in malls and getting a general idea. What is important to us is that the ring is a Canadian sourced diamond (idk where it is cut / polished, other important things).

Looking for: Color (G-H), Clarity (SI1-VS1), Cut (VG, ideal), Carrat (0.5-0.75) and a halo setting with smaller diamonds around the center.

I am looking for any reliable site recommendations for searching the Canadian center and smaller Canadian diamonds for the halo setting and general recommendations for finding a healer to assemble the ring after the pieces are obtained.

TLDR: Recommendations for sourcing a Canadian diamond on www please.

Thanks Reddit.

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