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Choosing an emerald cut diamond on a yellow gold ring

I am looking to put an emerald cut diamond on a yellow / yellow gold microfloor. I’ve researched the differences I need to remember compared to a white gold / platinum ring, but still hear conflicting answers to color.

The target is a 1.25 – 1.5 c diamond, budget ~ 8k.
Right now I have been searching for a VVS2-VS2 clarity (must be eye-cleaning) and color of G-I. I’ve read that you can get rid of a slightly lower color on a yellow gold ring (although the tips are probably still white gold / plat.) But not sure how true it actually is.

Is there anything else I should be looking for especially for an emerald cut diamond. I’m trying to look for excellent symmetry / polish and how the light pattern contrasts (can’t see straight through the stone or all black in HD image).

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Edit: After getting the ASET image, it confirmed how well this diamond worked! Thanks for all the help!

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