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Diamond looks different according to the setting

Hi every one,

I recently bought a diamond that I really liked the look of loose. In particular, I liked the “arrows” I saw in the diamond. It created a really nice contrast in the diamond and it sparkled well. Once set, I noticed I couldn’t see these “arrows” anymore, and it didn’t seem to sparkle as it did when I chose them. Can this be expected? Or should I be worried that I didn’t end up with the diamond I originally chose? I got a great vibe from the jeweler and he had a lot of good reviews so I don’t blame any wrong game so I really think (and hope) that this is typical …

I found a site that mentioned these “hearts and arrows” are not visible once set, but I thought I would seek your opinions as well. I’m not sure if “hearts and arrows” refer to the same “arrows” that I then contrast with the diamond with my naked eye.

Thank you, everybody.

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