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Help with a custom Art Deco ring around a pear shaped diamond


I’m in the process of investigating if an Art Deco custom ring has been built. Here’s something [Similar]( + gold & gs_l = mobile-GWS-img.3 … 14673.18309..18518 … 0 …. 424.2804.0j6j3j2j1 ………. .. ….. 0j35i39j0i30j0i24j30i10.dH0Qmq9H9YE% 3D # imgrc = 9kTaUFF0xD-4xm 🙂

What I would like is a yellow gold ring with a 1ct center bulb diamond (G / SI1 or VS2). I hailed from having the inner glory a green stone, probably Tsavorite, the outer glory and baguettes also diamond.

Our focus at the moment is to choose the right stone. We are in Dubai and we have seen some lovely stones and got some quotes. For the middle stone, there seems to be a big difference is the price between a 1ct G SI1 and a 1ct G VS2. Can that be expected? The total ring with the VS2 stone was offered for approx. US $ 5600 equivalent. The prices for the total amount of the SI1 ring are about US $ 4,200 – 4,900 equivalent.

The VS2 stone looks really nice, but it’s under the store’s fluorescent lamps.

Does it seem reasonable? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info, just tell me.

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