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I’ve done my due diligence, but I have some questions.

I get engaged and I got my mothers engagement ring and wedding band (3 ring sets) given to her by my dad. It’s perfect for my bride to be in style, but needs a lost main diamond, a smaller side diamond and some work done on the blades, all 3 ring rings.

I have chosen to buy a lab diamond online for many reasons including price and I know she will be more than happy with it. I have nothing new about diamonds a few weeks ago, but I started reading a lot of the recommended r / diamond material and browsing the topics and active users. come with this diamond.

I am looking for a general opinion on this diamond and any criticisms.

Part 2
I have a hard time finding someone who I trust who is willing to work on the ring if I get them with the diamond. Most (3) places have told me no, and one place seemed shitty. The goldsmith said he will throw in the side diamond for free, but “this week only.”

Does anyone have tips on finding a good jeweler in my area (Buffalo, NY) who is willing to do the job I ask for with my online diamond?

I want to get some sort of insurance, but I doubt that I can be able to my situation. some suggestions?

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