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Opinion on this “property” diamond?

Hi Reddit Diamonds!
I am looking at this pear diamond to be put in a halo solitaire setting. Before I seriously considered it, my husband suggested I ask Reddit.
I love the shape of this stone compared to most bulbs that are longer, but I worry about the clarity of the stones (larger inclusions and fog as it has a strong blue fluorescence).
Can anyone see other problems with it? General opinions?
[Pic on seller’s hand for scale](Http://
[Ebay link](×6-36×3-49mm-vintage-estate/201692196025?_trkparms=pageci%3A99586e53 -29e1-11e8-bca9-74dbd18057a2% 7Cparentrq% 3A3401c9841620a9c4e2fedca6fffaf422% 7Ciid% 3A1 & _trksid = p2481888.c100675.m4236)

Thank you!

** Update: **
Just wanted to give an update to anyone who might be doing research in the future. I bought the diamond after making sure the return policy was clear.

I received it on Tuesday and spent a good two days with it. After seeing the size, the jeweler and I agreed that a glory might be a bit much, so I went with a solitaire setting. It turned out better than expected and for me it is absolutely perfect! With my untrained eye, I can’t find any inclusions in it – the only imperfection I’ve been able to observe is at the top of the bulb where I know there’s a bit of removal, it’s not as clear as the rest of the diamond. All in all, it seems very clean and the color with the face up is quite white (definitely white to my eye). With the face down, it has a slightly warm / pink / champagne tone. See below for a photo:

[Bad cell picture](Https://

Thanks for the opinions, everyone!

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