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$ 9,000 budget, looking for 1.5 ct

I am looking to buy a diamond for an engagement ring and of course I would like the best pang for my buck. I plan to have the diamond set in an environment with my local jeweler. I have a few questions?

1) How long does it take a jeweler to get the diamond placed in the setting?

2) Can anyone suggest some diamonds that would work with my budget? I will not appear cheap, but I also want good value. I think of the following features: I, Excellent / Ideal clip, VS2 / SI1 and 1.5 ct (somewhat flexible in size). My boyfriend’s finger size is 4.5, so I hope 1.5 ct will look pretty big on her finger.

3) Are the inclusions found on most SI1 diamonds as noticeable / bad as they appear on online jeweler websites?

In advance, thank you for your help! I feel quite overwhelmed …

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