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Can’t decide between these two stones

Currently trying to decide between these two that I have booked. Both seem astonishing eye cleaners for the SI1, with the main straps around the belt, and I feel like I’m missing something obvious. They are not incredibly cheap (average prices) but seem fine stones for their qualities (about $ 6k)

Would the locations of the inclusions cause durability issues? James Allen didn’t think so.

Both are AGS0 and have HCA scores of 1.5 (G Stone) and 0.7 (F Stone). I’m leaning toward G, which although a slightly poorer color seems to “pop” more, but that may just be the lighting on the pictures.

1.01Ct G SI1 – $ 5970

1ct F SI1 – $ 6100

Can anyone help me choose please as I am not very decisive; (

UPDATE – Or drops down to H color, but increases both clarity and size.
However, the crystal seems to reflect a bit around the stone. Longer still probably towards the G stone

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