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Concierge Diamonds Review

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to leave a review after working with / u / diamonddealer’s folks over at Concierge Diamonds. I didn’t work with Dan – rather I worked with Kim. She was amazing. I roughly described what I was looking for via email and we made an appointment to talk on the phone.

Kim explained the 4 C’s (I had already done my research) and asked a lot of questions about my budget and what kind of diamonds I was looking for. I really thought I wanted a pillow and could be open to a brilliant one, so she drew some pillows and a few rays of different sizes, colors and clarity and sent me pictures with a macro lens and high def videos. We decided that I was sensitive to color and wanted to see some more rays, so she drew a few more stones, and I asked to see a larger ~ 1.5c radiation for comparison purposes, even if it was higher than my budget. Think and repeat with pictures and videos. I decided on the larger radiation and explained exactly what I was looking for with the ring and had to put ~ 25% of the cost up front. After a few weeks, the ring was completed and ended up being exactly what I was looking for.

They gave me a 5% discount to pay via bank transfer, and all in all, I ended up with a fantastic ring that was exactly what I was looking for at easily half the price of what I would have paid in a basic jewelry store . When I paid, they spent the night overnight and I was blown away by the brilliance / fire. My fiancĂ© is obsessed with it – the folks at Concierge were really a class act and thoroughly impressed me.

As someone who enters the process of a serious disdain for the diamond industry, I must say that I do not have a single negative thing to say about my experience with Concierge Diamonds. They help a lot of users here and really differ from their competition.

Thanks Dan, Jill and Kim!

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