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Debating between 2 diamonds for a ring! (GIA included)

Hi! I narrowed to 2 diamonds, round cut, for an engagement ring. The prices are about the same and I (obviously not an expert) can see inclusions with a magnification of 10x.

Stone 1:
My Feedback: Although 0.02 ct smaller than Stone 2, it looks bigger!

Stone 2:
My Feedback: Although this looks smaller than Stone 1, my first impression was that it shines more. I’m not too concerned about fluorescence. The more and more I see, but the first impression of it shining brighter than the Stone 1 kind of died out. Possibly from my touch of stone / dirt …

Since the sizes are really the same (though stone 1 looks bigger), I’m more concerned about the rails.

Just based on this limited information, what would you recommend?

editing: no photos available as I already sent them back to the jeweler.

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