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Diamond Stud Earrings for Valentine’s Day. Buy loose vs pre-condition. Help please

My wife wants earrings with diamonds. So far, her guide is she wants big, round cut diamonds with a 3-point setting.

My budget is $ 2,000- $ 2,200.

I live in Los Angeles. My friend sent me to his “guy”. In the jewelry district of a discreet office. His diamonds were amazing, but really expensive. He kept showing me ideal cut, F-D grade, flawless. The best he could do was 1.0CTW. GIA certified.

I went downstairs to the booths on the ground floor. More dealers who would sell me 1.5 CTW. Well. But they were not classified and the brokers did not make me feel good that I bought a real diamond.

I went online. I see that I can buy a loose diamond. .65-.7ct H, I, G Very good, SI2. So if I buy 2 loos of diamonds with the same dimensions, table, depth, etc. can I pay a local jeweler to mount them? It looks like I would get bigger stones at a better price, even if they are not the perfect match.

Am I missing something?

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