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What to do with a small round diamond? (0.2 carats)

(Repositioned the right size when I found out the diamond was smaller) I got a talent for an heirloom for my 21st birthday a couple of years ago for the purpose of putting it in a necklace pendant. I was never able to get into what I wanted, since I didn’t like the setting my sister chose for her. My mom was in New York this week and asked her jeweler what settings would be possible, but the jeweler thinks the diamond is too small for any pendant setting other than a ring. They suggested buying a matching diamond to create a pair of earrings, but I currently have a set of princess cut cubic zirconium bolts that I wear every day and don’t think I would get enough use of a set of studs. I have lost earrings before and would be too worried about wearing them. I was looking for suggestions to set a 0.2 carat diamond, whether it be a necklace, ring or basically anything else. I am very simple when it comes to my jewelry and wear the same sterling silver every day. I would appreciate any help or advice!

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