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Diamond Foundry – any reviews / experience?

Hi every one!

I hope anyone here has had any experience buying and / or handling Diamond Foundry?

I’m in the fun process of looking for an engagement ring, but am limited to lab-created diamonds. Without going into too much detail, my boyfriend often works in different parts of Africa and has a strong belief in traditional extracted diamonds. As such, I want to get a diamond that I know of that was never mined by a human.

I have searched across various online retailers of lab-created diamonds, and the Diamond Foundry seems to offer (what I consider) the most beautiful options (both in terms of setting and exclusive cuts).

Since this is a relatively large purchase and is likely to happen online, I would get people’s reviews. Currently, I can’t find much online about what anyone has experienced with them. They seem like a serious operation, but they do not have many diamonds listed on their site.

Does anyone have suggestions / advice?

Thank you, everybody!

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