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Has anyone heard of a fire polished diamond?

I plan to propose to my boyfriend soon so I have started the diamond research process. I’ve been to several stores and to talk about the 4 C’s a few times. After looking at lots of diamonds, I thought I was picked out but saw a “fire polished” diamond. It was different than anything I’d seen so far. It showed every color of the rainbow, and it sparkled more than the rest. Apparently, they use nanotechnology to cut small prisms in the pavilion of the diamond, which scatter the light differently and make it sparkle more.

My question is, has anyone ever heard of this? I really like the way the diamond looks, but I don’t want to leave with anything fake. I’m having a hard time finding much documentation online so I have no idea if I’m getting a good price / diamond and the diamond is not GIA certified so I’m basing it on looking alone right now.

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