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Help with Round Diamond Stud Martini Earrings

Looking to buy earrings for my wife. I am familiar with the ratings, but learn that earrings are different than a ring.
I’m looking for something with lots of sparkling, round, 14k or 18k white gold martini. I’d like at least 1/2 a ct, but note that many retailers label a .46 as a 1/2. My budget is up to 1 KB. Some suggestions? In my mind I was expecting a premium cut and at least H and vs2. Many of the holiday deals seem like nothing special and have a si 1 or 2, H-I, and very good (but not premium) .46 18k martini for about 900. Not sure what to do. Below are a few that caught my eye.

Shane CO
SI2 H .5 finest cut 14k martini @ 920

SI2 H .55 Finest cut 14k martini @ 995

Blue Nile
vs2 F .46 very good cut (not ideal) 18k martini @ 889

SI1 H .5 Ideal 14K martini @ 927

James all
SI H-I (clip not listed) 18k Martini @ 712

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