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Looking for advice on a 2+ Ct diamond

Hey guys. I seem to jump into the married world. I have looked at a few stones in stores and online (to know prices) and have come across 3 stones that seem well priced. Wondered if anyone could give some advice on value. I’m ok with paying for both.

A. 2.25ct J VS2 xxxn $ 14,300

B. 2.33ct J VS2 xxx medium blue $ 14,000

C. 2.08ct I VS2 xxxn $ 15,400

D. 2.3ct H VVS2 xxxn $ 18,900 (purchase of a “used” diamond, it was exchanged)

Everyone is eye clean. No obscurity. GIA. And white round.

Which is the best value? Are they good prices?

I really appreciate the help as this is my first dive into the diamond world.

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