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Looking to buy a brilliant emerald cut diamond just under 1 ct

Hi everyone, looking for advice. I’m trying to buy a middle stone for a graduated engagement ring with 5 emeralds. I would like a colorless stone (F or better) that is eye clean (VS2 or better), minimal fluorescence and excellent polishing and symmetry. Of course, I would also like it to be as large as possible but cost under ~ $ 4000.

These criteria have led me to this stone that is on hold for me at James Allen [D-VVS2](Https://

Initially, I really wanted this one [E-VVS2]( but someone else bought it before I could :(.

I am waiting for ASET for D-VVS2 at the moment as it is available. I spoke with James Allen rep and she said this one was nice but steered me towards [F-VS1]( as her favorite within my specifications. ASET is not available for this one.

Can anyone advise? Is D-VVS2 as beautiful of a rock as I think she is right, or should I be watching? I also like how big the D-VVS1 will turn up (pretty much the same as most of the 1 carat stones I’ve seen). All help is very welcome!

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