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Princess Cut $ 7000 budget. Need help.

I’m looking for a Princess Cut diamond:

* 1.2ct-1.3ct
* Ideal
* VS2 or higher
* D, E, F
* No fluorescence

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This goes in a custom solitaire, platinum setting.

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My boyfriend is an architectural designer who rarely wears jewelry. She likes simple things made with high quality materials. She will be more interested in the ring design than the size of the diamond. In fact, a large diamond is not desirable. Frankly, I’m a little nervous that 1.2ct might even be too big.

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I want to get the “highest quality” diamond within the budget if that makes sense. So I don’t want to spend unnecessary money, but I want them to look close to perfect. If I have to go less to achieve this, I’m okay with it. Or if I can achieve this for less money, I’m okay with that too.

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I would like recommendations, but I also have some questions. I’m still learning, so please join me:

1. Why are all princess-cut diamonds on Blue Nile listed as Very Good cuts? Don’t they have any Ideal Cut diamonds, or do I understand something wrong? I use the diamond screen and some diamonds appear as “Ideal”. I guess my question is what makes a princess cut diamond “ideal”?
2. How important are symmetry and polishing? Should I be looking for something with excellent symmetry and polishing for the best spark?
3. Is a good place to use? Any online businesses I should avoid?

Edit: I just found this and it helps a ton:

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