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Has anyone heard of a fire polished diamond?

I plan to propose to my boyfriend soon so I have started the diamond research process. I’ve been to several stores and to talk about the 4 C’s a few times. After looking at lots of diamonds, I thought I was picked out but saw a “fire polished” diamond. It was different than anything I’d seen so far. It showed every color of the rainbow, and it sparkled more than the rest. Apparently, they use nanotechnology to cut small prisms in the pavilion of the diamond, which scatter the light differently and make it sparkle more.

My question is, has anyone ever heard of this? I really like the way the diamond looks, but I don’t want to leave with anything fake. I’m having a hard time finding much documentation online so I have no idea if I’m getting a good price / diamond and the diamond is not GIA certified so I’m basing it on looking alone right now.

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Help with Round Diamond Stud Martini Earrings

Looking to buy earrings for my wife. I am familiar with the ratings, but learn that earrings are different than a ring.
I’m looking for something with lots of sparkling, round, 14k or 18k white gold martini. I’d like at least 1/2 a ct, but note that many retailers label a .46 as a 1/2. My budget is up to 1 KB. Some suggestions? In my mind I was expecting a premium cut and at least H and vs2. Many of the holiday deals seem like nothing special and have a si 1 or 2, H-I, and very good (but not premium) .46 18k martini for about 900. Not sure what to do. Below are a few that caught my eye.

Shane CO
SI2 H .5 finest cut 14k martini @ 920

SI2 H .55 Finest cut 14k martini @ 995

Blue Nile
vs2 F .46 very good cut (not ideal) 18k martini @ 889

SI1 H .5 Ideal 14K martini @ 927

James all
SI H-I (clip not listed) 18k Martini @ 712

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Help me find a good lab-grown diamond

I have been looking for an organic / ground-grown diamond for the past few months to suggest my boyfriend. She recently suggested to me that her perfect ring would have a lab-grown diamond instead of a traditional organic diamond for the sake of ethics and her distrust of diamond mining workers. I argued with her that I thought a traditional organic diamond might have better value, but that she didn’t want it.

That said, everything I know about researching diamonds for the past 6 months has been about organic diamonds, and I feel like starting from scratch. Can anyone give me some advice or help me find a good lab grown alternative?

I am looking for a round stone with clarity, very good or larger cut and good color for about 5-6k.

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diamond Warranty

What would be the ideal warranty / diamond warranty / etc with all that is diamond related? Part of paying for the name brand jewelry store is their ability to have a good warranty and the fact that it is a reputable brand name. Almost every company has a lifetime warranty for cleaning, repair and replacement (except Harry Winston, but I may be wrong).

Kay has lifetime diamond warranty that replaces the stone for chips, breaks if lost from the setting. Installation defects come with cleaning. As long as you have it inspected every six months, your ring is covered.

Helzberg also has the same lifetime warranty as Kay’s

Harry Winston only guarantees production failure for 24 months

What are your guys’ input on the guarantees after the purchase? Does that mean a lot, nothing at all? Better to buy your own jewelry? How much does the corporate warranty affect your decision?

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Choosing an Engagement Ring

Hi reddit, I went out to buy an engagement ring and realized I know nothing about diamonds. I have a few questions?

Where should I buy good value diamonds?

What parameters should I focus on for a sparkling diamond to maximize value?

As for settings for the engagement ring, which would increase the sheeniness with a thin band?

I live in Canada, would like a round shape, I would emphasize quality over size, preferably around 0.7 ct.

My budget is flexible, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Looking to buy a brilliant emerald cut diamond just under 1 ct

Hi everyone, looking for advice. I’m trying to buy a middle stone for a graduated engagement ring with 5 emeralds. I would like a colorless stone (F or better) that is eye clean (VS2 or better), minimal fluorescence and excellent polishing and symmetry. Of course, I would also like it to be as large as possible but cost under ~ $ 4000.

These criteria have led me to this stone that is on hold for me at James Allen [D-VVS2](Https://

Initially, I really wanted this one [E-VVS2]( but someone else bought it before I could :(.

I am waiting for ASET for D-VVS2 at the moment as it is available. I spoke with James Allen rep and she said this one was nice but steered me towards [F-VS1]( as her favorite within my specifications. ASET is not available for this one.

Can anyone advise? Is D-VVS2 as beautiful of a rock as I think she is right, or should I be watching? I also like how big the D-VVS1 will turn up (pretty much the same as most of the 1 carat stones I’ve seen). All help is very welcome!

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Advice on diamond shopping in a pawn shop

I am in search of a diamond for my engagement ring. I came across a 1 carat pear shaped diamond:

– Cut very well.
– Clarity SI 1, maybe 2.
-Color H-I but closer to me.
– $ 1500.

It is brought to a jeweler and put in my old mothers. The pawn shop didn’t return, so I had to pass the diamond. I do not like the idea of ​​not being able to return it if it is false or less than what is described. The owner of the farmhouse is a jeweler who gave me the specifications seen above.

My question is, what are the chances of it being a real diamond? Chances it’s fake? Is it even a good deal?

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Princess Cut $ 7000 budget. Need help.

I’m looking for a Princess Cut diamond:

* 1.2ct-1.3ct
* Ideal
* VS2 or higher
* D, E, F
* No fluorescence

& Nbsp;

This goes in a custom solitaire, platinum setting.

& Nbsp;

My boyfriend is an architectural designer who rarely wears jewelry. She likes simple things made with high quality materials. She will be more interested in the ring design than the size of the diamond. In fact, a large diamond is not desirable. Frankly, I’m a little nervous that 1.2ct might even be too big.

& Nbsp;

I want to get the “highest quality” diamond within the budget if that makes sense. So I don’t want to spend unnecessary money, but I want them to look close to perfect. If I have to go less to achieve this, I’m okay with it. Or if I can achieve this for less money, I’m okay with that too.

& Nbsp;

I would like recommendations, but I also have some questions. I’m still learning, so please join me:

1. Why are all princess-cut diamonds on Blue Nile listed as Very Good cuts? Don’t they have any Ideal Cut diamonds, or do I understand something wrong? I use the diamond screen and some diamonds appear as “Ideal”. I guess my question is what makes a princess cut diamond “ideal”?
2. How important are symmetry and polishing? Should I be looking for something with excellent symmetry and polishing for the best spark?
3. Is a good place to use? Any online businesses I should avoid?

Edit: I just found this and it helps a ton:

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Need help narrowing down the Emerald Cut Diamond

I have a soft $ 4.8k USD budget for the diamond for an engagement ring. After reading about emerald cuts, clarity is a must (though I don’t expect perfection). Color is not that important as the setting is 18k gold. Other details:

* VS1 or better
* I color or better
* About 1 carat or better
* Ideally, a L / W of 1.4 to 1.45, although a little outside of this is OK

Here are some of my limited choices so far:






I have looked in person but I will buy online for better prices. I think these are all decent options, but any advice from a better trained eye would be super helpful!

Thanks in advance!

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My wife’s engagement ring diamond was changed

The wife’s engagement ring was serviced three times in the past year, over the past few months the wife complained that it was more yellow. I took it to an independent jeweler and he confirmed that the laser etching number on the diamond did not match my GIA report # from when I bought it. Jewels have offered to give me another diamond, I need help deciding if we should accept this new diamond for the old one.

old diamond: color – I, inclusions -VS2, size 2.0 carat, polishing and symmetry Very good

New diamond- Color – G, Inclusion – SI1, size 2.o Carat, polish and symmetry Very good, good