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Thanks to u / diamond dealers

Just wanted to write a quick thank you to u / diamond dealer. I came to this wonder looking for diamond advice almost a year ago and he helped me out big time. I have since purchased an engagement ring and two wedding bands from him and couldn’t be more pleased – and neither did my fiance (I had to hide the wedding band for her because she would not stop putting it on and our wedding was still a few weeks away). Initially, I was a little wary of working with someone I found on a forum, especially with something that was so important, but the result was so positive that I thought it would be helpful to share it with everyone.

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Diamond Foundry – any reviews / experience?

Hi every one!

I hope anyone here has had any experience buying and / or handling Diamond Foundry?

I’m in the fun process of looking for an engagement ring, but am limited to lab-created diamonds. Without going into too much detail, my boyfriend often works in different parts of Africa and has a strong belief in traditional extracted diamonds. As such, I want to get a diamond that I know of that was never mined by a human.

I have searched across various online retailers of lab-created diamonds, and the Diamond Foundry seems to offer (what I consider) the most beautiful options (both in terms of setting and exclusive cuts).

Since this is a relatively large purchase and is likely to happen online, I would get people’s reviews. Currently, I can’t find much online about what anyone has experienced with them. They seem like a serious operation, but they do not have many diamonds listed on their site.

Does anyone have suggestions / advice?

Thank you, everybody!

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Buy a diamond for an engagement ring. Direct me the right direction?

Hi everyone, I am buying an engagement ring for my boyfriend and I have a 6k CAD soft border. I know the basics, but some people here are definitely more experienced than I am.

She wants a princess diamond with a halo setting. I have chosen the setting and it is approx. $ 2700. Setting below.
Is it a waste to spend $ 2700 on an option? or should I lower my setting price and get a nicer diamond. I know this is the setting she would like.


Therefore, my diamond limit is 3km Canadian.
What does it look like?

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Total beginner looking for help finding an engagement diamond

Hello friends,
I hope to be able to propose to my girlfriend by the middle of next month. I would like a rock that glitters well within H and VS2. Some people have been told that I know that the cutout matters most in my case, since H and VS2 are the threshold for the sight with the naked eye. My budget is around 9K CAD (7K USD) I have done a number of diamond research and selected this one on Blue Nile, can you please help me and tell me what you think? Alternatively, feel free to include all links to a diamond that you find appropriate within this range.
Thank you so much for your time.

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Choosing an Engagement Ring

Hi reddit, I went out to buy an engagement ring and realized I know nothing about diamonds. I have a few questions?

Where should I buy good value diamonds?

What parameters should I focus on for a sparkling diamond to maximize value?

As for settings for the engagement ring, which would increase the sheeniness with a thin band?

I live in Canada, would like a round shape, I would emphasize quality over size, preferably around 0.7 ct.

My budget is flexible, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Looking to buy a brilliant emerald cut diamond just under 1 ct

Hi everyone, looking for advice. I’m trying to buy a middle stone for a graduated engagement ring with 5 emeralds. I would like a colorless stone (F or better) that is eye clean (VS2 or better), minimal fluorescence and excellent polishing and symmetry. Of course, I would also like it to be as large as possible but cost under ~ $ 4000.

These criteria have led me to this stone that is on hold for me at James Allen [D-VVS2](Https://

Initially, I really wanted this one [E-VVS2]( but someone else bought it before I could :(.

I am waiting for ASET for D-VVS2 at the moment as it is available. I spoke with James Allen rep and she said this one was nice but steered me towards [F-VS1]( as her favorite within my specifications. ASET is not available for this one.

Can anyone advise? Is D-VVS2 as beautiful of a rock as I think she is right, or should I be watching? I also like how big the D-VVS1 will turn up (pretty much the same as most of the 1 carat stones I’ve seen). All help is very welcome!

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Advice on diamond shopping in a pawn shop

I am in search of a diamond for my engagement ring. I came across a 1 carat pear shaped diamond:

– Cut very well.
– Clarity SI 1, maybe 2.
-Color H-I but closer to me.
– $ 1500.

It is brought to a jeweler and put in my old mothers. The pawn shop didn’t return, so I had to pass the diamond. I do not like the idea of ​​not being able to return it if it is false or less than what is described. The owner of the farmhouse is a jeweler who gave me the specifications seen above.

My question is, what are the chances of it being a real diamond? Chances it’s fake? Is it even a good deal?

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Need help narrowing down the Emerald Cut Diamond

I have a soft $ 4.8k USD budget for the diamond for an engagement ring. After reading about emerald cuts, clarity is a must (though I don’t expect perfection). Color is not that important as the setting is 18k gold. Other details:

* VS1 or better
* I color or better
* About 1 carat or better
* Ideally, a L / W of 1.4 to 1.45, although a little outside of this is OK

Here are some of my limited choices so far:






I have looked in person but I will buy online for better prices. I think these are all decent options, but any advice from a better trained eye would be super helpful!

Thanks in advance!

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My wife’s engagement ring diamond was changed

The wife’s engagement ring was serviced three times in the past year, over the past few months the wife complained that it was more yellow. I took it to an independent jeweler and he confirmed that the laser etching number on the diamond did not match my GIA report # from when I bought it. Jewels have offered to give me another diamond, I need help deciding if we should accept this new diamond for the old one.

old diamond: color – I, inclusions -VS2, size 2.0 carat, polishing and symmetry Very good

New diamond- Color – G, Inclusion – SI1, size 2.o Carat, polish and symmetry Very good, good

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$ 9,000 budget, looking for 1.5 ct

I am looking to buy a diamond for an engagement ring and of course I would like the best pang for my buck. I plan to have the diamond set in an environment with my local jeweler. I have a few questions?

1) How long does it take a jeweler to get the diamond placed in the setting?

2) Can anyone suggest some diamonds that would work with my budget? I will not appear cheap, but I also want good value. I think of the following features: I, Excellent / Ideal clip, VS2 / SI1 and 1.5 ct (somewhat flexible in size). My boyfriend’s finger size is 4.5, so I hope 1.5 ct will look pretty big on her finger.

3) Are the inclusions found on most SI1 diamonds as noticeable / bad as they appear on online jeweler websites?

In advance, thank you for your help! I feel quite overwhelmed …