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Debating between 2 diamonds for a ring! (GIA included)

Hi! I narrowed to 2 diamonds, round cut, for an engagement ring. The prices are about the same and I (obviously not an expert) can see inclusions with a magnification of 10x.

Stone 1:
My Feedback: Although 0.02 ct smaller than Stone 2, it looks bigger!

Stone 2:
My Feedback: Although this looks smaller than Stone 1, my first impression was that it shines more. I’m not too concerned about fluorescence. The more and more I see, but the first impression of it shining brighter than the Stone 1 kind of died out. Possibly from my touch of stone / dirt …

Since the sizes are really the same (though stone 1 looks bigger), I’m more concerned about the rails.

Just based on this limited information, what would you recommend?

editing: no photos available as I already sent them back to the jeweler.

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Tell me about old European cut diamonds


I am looking for a diamond for my engagement ring (planning to make a classic Tiffany setting in yellow or rose gold, about 0.8 carats or 5.70-6.00 + mm in diameter).

I thought I would have an ideal cut, good color, eye clan, round brilliant. However, I have seen some videos of old European cut rounds and pillows and they look like they have more sparkle and reflect a rainbow.

Are old European cuts more ingenious? Who sells them? What should I look for? What should I stay away from?

Thanks in advance for all the knowledge

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Engagement Ring

So my boyfriend and I are planning to get engaged, I do not know which ring I want exactly, but I said that the ones I like cost approx. 10 km. He jumped out and I honestly don’t know what to do, I want a very plain, thin 18k band and a 2-3ct stone. I hate haaaaaate ornate jewelry, so I doubt I want a band or anything – save for maybe a thin one with some diamonds (and that’s a big if). I don’t care about clarity as long as it’s not visibly flawed. I just have this idea in my head about a ring that I’ve had for a while and I’m crushed. I feel he didn’t really say anything except “most people only use 2-3kg.” I really don’t think he understands this is something I’m going to carry for the rest of my life, and if it’s not perfect, I’m afraid everything will be sort of ruined. Do you have any advice on diamonds or jewelers with reasonable prices?

tl; dr: I am a materialistic weeping beaver looking for a 2-3ct stone, no visible defects and a thin 18k gold band.

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Milk Diamant?

Hi Reddit,

Me and my partner are in the market for an engagement ring and have found a really good deal with a relatively large chain store in New Zealand. The specifications for the diamond are: 1.01ct, F, SI2 3EX, N Flouresence, M2 of just over $ 9300NZD = ~ $ 6800 USD. Now the seller has warned us about the milkiness of the diamond, but has said that it is not very bad. We have seen a close up of the diamond and it looks fine but we are a bit uncertain as we cannot physically see the diamond as it needs to be ordered. Just wondering if anyone is more familiar with the milkiness and flowering, what does N and M2 actually mean.

Thanks in advance!

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The wholesaler lied about the quality of the engagement ring – where can I report them?

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased an engagement ring for my SO and was skeptical that the middle stone I chose from a wholesaler I worked with was not used in the ring. The stone itself was not previously classified and after getting the Center Stone classified by AGL it was revealed that there was a significant difference from the stone quality I paid for. I return the ring for a full refund.

Are there any consumer protection agencies, diamond sales review sites, or other known entities I can use to report this wholesale? I am a native of the United States and do not want others to have this experience.


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I’ve done my due diligence, but I have some questions.

I get engaged and I got my mothers engagement ring and wedding band (3 ring sets) given to her by my dad. It’s perfect for my bride to be in style, but needs a lost main diamond, a smaller side diamond and some work done on the blades, all 3 ring rings.

I have chosen to buy a lab diamond online for many reasons including price and I know she will be more than happy with it. I have nothing new about diamonds a few weeks ago, but I started reading a lot of the recommended r / diamond material and browsing the topics and active users. come with this diamond.

I am looking for a general opinion on this diamond and any criticisms.

Part 2
I have a hard time finding someone who I trust who is willing to work on the ring if I get them with the diamond. Most (3) places have told me no, and one place seemed shitty. The goldsmith said he will throw in the side diamond for free, but “this week only.”

Does anyone have tips on finding a good jeweler in my area (Buffalo, NY) who is willing to do the job I ask for with my online diamond?

I want to get some sort of insurance, but I doubt that I can be able to my situation. some suggestions?

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The importance of 4Cs in a lane setting

I looked at the following setting and wondered if any of the 4Cs require less consideration because stones are recessed.

The eye cleanser is fine by me. Can / should I look to downgrade something?

Plans for Round Stone:
Budget- 15k
Color- G or better
Clarity – VS1?
Cut-very good / excellent
Carat – 1.5-2

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Thoughts on this diamond ??

Hello everyone. I plan to buy a diamond for an engagement ring. Although I have visited several jewelry stores, I am still unfamiliar with all the properties of diamonds. I haven’t seen the diamond since I’m in Philadelphia, and the diamond is currently in the stores’ NY location. The main concern is the clarity (though the seller says it should not affect the look once it is fitted). Thoughts?

Originally searched for a diamond with specifications that included 3X, G, VVS2 and no fluorescence. Shopped around a bit and was eventually presented with the diamond below.

Price: $ 6,675

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Help choose an engagement ring diamond!

So I just started my search for an engagement ring diamond and checked several sites and rankings. She really likes this ring from David Yurman:
Obviously there would be a diamond in there and I got these specifications on the ring: DY PAVE CAPRI ENG RING RD 1.32 H VS2
Price $ 20,800
Style WR1099RPL-21
Size 6
Weight 1.32 ctw
Cut around
Clarity VS2
Color H

I quickly learned through research that DY and others are overpriced and that sites like Blue Nile offer better value. So basically I’m looking for a Round Cut, Brilliant, D or E color range, SI2-VS1, 1.32-1.65 ctw., With a maximum price of $ 12,500.
Eventually I saw a nice diamond on Helzberg (GIA Report # 6177592547) for $ 11,999 (which can still be overpriced).
Thanks for your help!

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Am I doing it right?

hi guys, i’m looking for an engagement ring with a budget of approx. $ 3500 USD. It will be a round cut set in white gold (solitaire or runway) by James Allen.

From my research I have created a coarse strategy and wanted to make sure I did not miss anything:

carat: ~ 1 +

color: G-I (I want to start noticing yellow around J)

clarity: SI1-SI2

clip: will look for an ‘excellent’ cut with the highest possible score

lab: AGS or GIA

Then I just want to use different filters to eye my diamond and pick one that looks best around 5x-10x zoom (tbh they all look the same on 1x lol).

Would really appreciate your help guys!