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Help with purchase engagement

I am working on buying an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I contacted my boyfriend’s family friend who is a diamond dealer. I received the following offer on some diamonds. Do you think this is competitively priced or can I do better? My budget is ideally $ 4-6K (I’ll close a home in August!). I was quoted $ 1,250 for the ring. Any advice / guidance would be appreciated.

He mentioned the following:

I LOVE the 1.07 H-SI2 GIA!
Super white, excellent clip, SI2 is a very small white inclusion, not in the middle, 100% clean with the naked eye and it has a size of 6.7 mm

Thank you!

[Image of Diamonds/Quotes](Https://

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IGI report without mapped clarity properties

I will buy a 0.9 1.1 carat lab growth diamond online and plan to propose next month.

I read some diamond reports and realized that IGI reports have different formats. The properties clarification section (the chart below) has disappeared in some reports. Why? Is it because the supplier paid less to classify these diamonds? Should I Avoid These Diamonds?

Is it also possible to know which countries these diamonds were certified in by reading the IGI reports?

Thank you.

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Help me find an engagement ring for a COVID9 frontline worker

Hi every one. GF is a nurse and is working right now, saving some of our senior citizens in the Northeast. Her bday is coming up and would like to surprise her with a rock on her bday. Budget is under $ 10,000; round or emerald cutting; colorless diamond and clarity in VS1 and up.

Emerald opportunity – [](Https://

2. Emergency opportunity – [](Https://

Round cut option – [](Https://

Your comments and suggestions are welcome

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I recently found a ring in my new house.

I found what looks like a diamond ring in my new house and I ran a few tests on it to make sure it wasn’t fake, I breathed on it, it shines under a UV light, and it sparkles like a diamond would. I would return it to the previous owner of the house but he died and I don’t think he has and children or grandchildren.

I have 2 questions.
– What is the best way to define if a diamond is fake, especially if it is already in a ring?
If it is not, what should I do with it? Sell ​​it, keep it, anything else? I have been researching a little and it seems that it is not worth selling a diamond as a single person.

Thank you!

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I’m interested in doing things that Bobby White on YouTube does

Does anyone know if [these]( -886286053915 & abcId = 1141016 & merchantid = 108729421 & gclid = Cj0KCQjw09HzBRDrARIsAG60GP8lGvs1V4AcEPEwIKRUTUu-fr_osSRkgNYUhDQgDYvfPvllAVEAL all have experience, of low quality diamonds on eBay reflective at all as professional cut diamonds are.

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Advice – Emerald Cut

Hi everyone – me again – I think I’ve found a candidate for my GF’s ring.

5191554526 – GIA number

It seems to tick the boxes from my beginner view – sensible proportions, great color, certainly eye-cleaning, and I couldn’t see the inclusions under magnification until I reviewed the report.

Unfortunately, the shop I work with quoted 10K for this diamond and I realize that comparable diamonds are like 8-8500 …

I feel good about supporting a local business and paying a mild premium so I would request a price of 9K for the diamond. Is this reasonable? Are you looking at negotiations in this industry?

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Was shown a diamond from a local mom / pop shop – GIA number included.

1.2 Carat, F, HVAC, ideal conditions, etc.

GIA: 1307927135

I got a price in the middle of $ 8000. It seems to be a bit high …. other diamonds online (of similar specifications) appear to give or take (trade color, clarity, fluorescence, etc. at a lower price) and are within 1 to 2k USD of what I was quoted.

I like this rock but wanted to get some thoughts from people who know more than I do. I don’t mind paying a small premium with a local store, but within reason. Thanks in advance.

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Is $ 7.5k a good price for this diamond?

Hi! I’ve been looking at how to buy quality diamonds for about a month or two now, but often feel overwhelmed. I think I know the basics, but I’ve heard so many different opinions and beliefs.

I heard that IGI inflated the assessment, but then I heard elsewhere that even GIA criteria for mined diamonds can be very different.

I wanted to get some first-hand statements from people who are knowledgeable on the subject. I would really appreciate if you could share what you thought!

& # X200B;

[Diamond Video](Https://

[IGI Cert](Https://

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Thanks to u / diamond dealers

Just wanted to write a quick thank you to u / diamond dealer. I came to this wonder looking for diamond advice almost a year ago and he helped me out big time. I have since purchased an engagement ring and two wedding bands from him and couldn’t be more pleased – and neither did my fiance (I had to hide the wedding band for her because she would not stop putting it on and our wedding was still a few weeks away). Initially, I was a little wary of working with someone I found on a forum, especially with something that was so important, but the result was so positive that I thought it would be helpful to share it with everyone.

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Looking for advice on a 2+ Ct diamond

Hey guys. I seem to jump into the married world. I have looked at a few stones in stores and online (to know prices) and have come across 3 stones that seem well priced. Wondered if anyone could give some advice on value. I’m ok with paying for both.

A. 2.25ct J VS2 xxxn $ 14,300

B. 2.33ct J VS2 xxx medium blue $ 14,000

C. 2.08ct I VS2 xxxn $ 15,400

D. 2.3ct H VVS2 xxxn $ 18,900 (purchase of a “used” diamond, it was exchanged)

Everyone is eye clean. No obscurity. GIA. And white round.

Which is the best value? Are they good prices?

I really appreciate the help as this is my first dive into the diamond world.